The Training Seminar

Priority Six:  Project Management Strategies for TRIO Directors

This learning event is designed to provide new directors with the basic tools required to be a TRIO project director and serve TRIO students. It is designed as a comprehensive training program that provides best practices, tools, and techniques for general program management for new project directors who have been in their positions less than two years.  

The Training Seminar is a three day training delivery that offers face to face, "real time" training experience, on a range of topics designed to strengthen the knowledge and skill of the TRIO directors.



Through lectures, discussion, practical exercises, case studies, role playing, independent readings, and reflection activities, this session provides an on boarding experience for new directors that covers a breadth of topics.


Training topics include:  rigorous program evaluation, reporting student and project performance, federal legislation and program regulations, techniques for budget management, methods for assessing student needs, approaches that increase retention and graduation, strategies for engaging students of various backgrounds and otherwise disconnected populations, and the use of educational technology for program development and administration. This training is designed to increase the knowledge and skill of the new project director to general program management, the basic tools of being a TRIO director, and to serve TRIO students.

The Director's Compass 

In addition to the workshop sessions, training participants will obtain templates and tools assembled in a reference manual, The Director's Compass, designed as a management resource for TRIO directors.

San Juan, PR

Feb. 19 - 21, 2020

Atlanta, GA 

April 27 - 29, 2020

Charlotte, NC

May 27 - 29, 2020

The Renaissance TRIO Training Project

4845 - E Industry Lane

Durham, NC 27713

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