Webinar Series on Program Evaluation

Priority One:  Evaluation Strategies for Project Effectiveness

This online learning event is designed to support the needs of staff and leadership personnel in the area of record keeping, reporting student and project performance, and the rigorous evaluation of project performance in order to design and operate a model program. The webinar series is offered in a four component sequence, and offers specific and technical components of an evaluation strategy, irrespective of the individual program.



Through lectures, practical exercises, and online moderated discussion, this session provides training on program evaluation.  Topics covered include: the legislative intent of the TRIO programs, and the specific requirements for evaluation, the language of program design and the framework of a logic model, evidence that informs a program's intervention, planning and designing ways to measure effectiveness, GPRA standards and methods of collecting, analyzing, and reporting student and project performance, qualitative vs. quantitate data and tools for making decisions based on the data. 


Specifically, training participants will:

•    Identify the legislative and regulatory requirements for TRIO programs and determine what data supports determining service delivery including program assurances

•    Express the relationship of key program components using a logic model, and discuss the underlying relationships

•    Interpret the mandatory objectives (GPRA requirements)to determine source documents for data collection, analyzing, and reporting student student and project performance

•    Interpret key data elements to illustrate a systematic and purposeful decision about your TRIO intervention.

•    Distinguish between data collection approaches to inform program operations

•    Construct an evaluation plan for the funded program that explicates model practice.


Jan. 8, 15, 22, and 29, 2020
2 - 3:30 PM, Eastern

Session 1: Overview of the Regulations for Evaluation

Session 2: Introduction to Program Design for Rigorous Evaluation using the Logic Model

Session 3: Introduction to Rigorous Evaluation and Strategic Reporting

Session 4: Aligning Rigorous Evaluation to Enhance Performance Reporting

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