Using Coaching in Program Design 

and Program Fidelity

Priority One:  Evaluation Strategies for Project Effectiveness

This session is designed for TRIO programs that use coaching as a component of their program delivery strategy. Program Fidelity is concerned with adherence, integrity, and quality of implementation, and is the extent to which the delivery of an intervention adheres to the protocol or program model as intended by the developers of the intervention. Since evaluation conceptually begin with the design of the program, this session strengths the understanding of program evaluation through the lens of a specific program strategy.  The techniques presented in this learning event are generalizable to overall project evaluation. Delivered as a online modules, this training offering includes mastermind sessions and Q and A with the project director.



Through lectures, discussion, practical exercises, case studies, role playing, independent readings, and reflection activities, this session provides training on program fidelity (process evaluation).  Topics covered include: 1) what is meant by ‘evidenced-based standard’, 2) coaching modalities in research (specifically college admissions, college matriculation, retention, graduation and program elements research), and 3) strategies that to evaluate program effectiveness of this intervention. Participants will explore strategies of determining progress towards project outcomes.


Specifically, training participants will:

  • Define what is meant by “evidence based”

  • Identify the components of program fidelity

  • Use evidence based models to create or refine their project logic model

  • Distinguish between acceptable program adaptations, or adjustments to their project based on the characteristics of their target population

  • Evaluate the program effectiveness of a coaching approach for their TRIO program

  • Justify program changes based on key results and indicators


Oct. 31, Nov. 7, 14, & 21, 2019

Registration is OPEN! This training offering has been redesigned in 2019 - 2020, and is offered in online training modules.  


Online Training Modules are designed for flexibility, access, and convenience and provide an opportunity for participants to work at their own pace. This delivery is sometimes augmented with live Q & A, individual projects that support program enhancements, and coaching. 

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