Webinar Series

Webinar Wednesday is a four-part webinar designed to provide programs a foundation in the Uniform Guidance, how it relates to TRIO, and how it impacts program operation. The online webinar series covers: 1) pre-award requirements for federal grants, 2) post-award conditions for grant success (including expanded authority and cost allowance issues), 3) required services (including exploring best practices and evidence-based models to ensure congruence to the competitive priorities in TRIO, and 4) program evaluation requirements and grant close out. Participants will get a resource manual and guidebook that includes templates on grants management, along with techniques and tools for effectively managing the activities of a federal TRIO grant. 


Session 1 – The Pyramid of Compliance Requirements

Session 2 – The Uniform Guidance and Federal Grant Programs

Session 3 - The Cost Principles and Allowable costs

Session 4 - Documenting ComplianceProgram Regulations, and the Competitive Preference Requirements