TRiO Training Project 

The Renaissance TRiO Training Project supports the work of TRIO practitioners and to ensure that staff that work in TRIO programs are familiar with the regulations that specify federal compliance standards, that they increase their knowledge and skill in budget management, program regulations, and documentation standards, and work intentionally to develop a plan to manage their program operations in a manner that maintains fiscal compliance and regulatory congruence.  

"Team Renaissance" stands with you to achieve proficiency in the training objectives of Priority 2, with multiple training offerings to meet your individual and program needs.

Training Offerings 

Based on your individual learning needs and the requirements of both your program needs and your host institution, we offer a menu of training offerings to be engaged in increasing your familiarity and understanding of federal compliance standards. 


Training Seminar

The Training Seminar is an intensive two-day grants compliance workshop. 

Modular Monday

Modular Monday is a three-part modular learning sequence in an asynchronous delivery.

Webinar Wednesday

Webinar Wednesday is a four-part, instructor-led webinar series. 


“You took a very boring topic and presented subject matter in a very engaging format. Keeping attendees informed and awake!"

P2 Participant
Pilot Delivery, 2019


Ready to get registered for training? Here's HOW!

To register for training: Click on the training program that you are interested in, scroll down to the delivery date, and click that button to access the registration portal.  You will need your PR-award number (your official grant number) to complete your registration.

Your Training Onboarding Letter will provide you with information on how to access the training delivery for all online deliveries.


Please make no travel plans until you receive information from the project director that the travel ban due to COVID has been lifted. You will also receive information about hotel accommodations in that confirmation letter.