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Supporting a Community of Audacious TRIO Professionals with Training Development

An Accessible Community of Peers

A community of college access and college support practitioners that offers a person-centered, program-driven experience with rich profiles, direct messaging, small group chats, live streaming, and unique experiences for new directors, by program type, and geographically specific, or by host institution type, with special attention to non-profit providers of TRIO services.

Across all platforms, both android and iOS users can engage in micro-training topics, build comraderie, and support your program and development needs.

Training on
General Project Management for New Directors

- a technical assistance program funded through

The Training Program for Federal TRiO Programs -

The US Department of Education

This training is designed to provide meaningful professional development for TRIO staff in the area of

general program management for new project directors.  "Team Renaissance" stands with you to provide new directors with the basic tools required to be a TRIO project director and serve TRIO students.


 General Project Management for New Directors (Priority 6)

is designed for New Directors of TRIO Programs, or those who have less than two years of experience in their role as a director.

The content focus areas are broad and include topics from program evaluation (P1), federal legislation, program regulation and budget management (P2), counseling and retention strategies (P3), college admissions and financial aid (P4),

and strategies for disconnected populations (P5).  

Renaissance provides a menu of training offerings that include a webinar series, a regionalized training seminar, and a new online training opportunity: the virtual classroom training.

This year, Renaissance will also pilot and launch an online community for training participants,

that responds to past requests for ongoing and consistent support beyond the training experience that includes bonus trainings,

additional tips, strategies and techniques for program success, and opportunities for increased engagement.


- Committed to the Field of Practice -

The Renaissance Way 

Quality Since 2010

First awarded a competitive training grant in 2010,

IACET accredited since 2011, and CCE accredited in 2019.


94.44% of the training participants indicate that knowledge of subject matter is extensive after completing this training compared to before 

97 %

 97% of training participants indicate that the training was useful in their work as a

TRIO professional.

We continue to provide a menu of training offerings to service the TRIO community with meaningful professional development opportunities. 

REGISTER for Renaissance TRIO Training below:

Webinar Series

The webinar series for new directors offers a five part overview to managing TRIO programs that includes legislative intent, program regulations, required services, budget management, program evaluation, and serving diverse populations. This online delivery has led by an experienced director, and is packed full of ideas about how to approach your role as a TRIO director and serve TRIO students. The online webinar series is scheduled for Wednesday, 2 - 3:30 PM,  eastern time, and operates for 5 weeks.

Virtual Classroom Training

A virtual classroom is an online teaching and learning environment where the training facilitator and the training participant can present course materials, engage, and interact with other members of the virtual class, and work in groups together.  The key distinction of a virtual classroom is that it takes place in a live, synchronous setting. Online coursework can involve the viewing of pre-recorded, asynchronous material, but virtual classroom platform helps make the learning experience interactive and engaging while providing a structured environment. Participants can connect to the virtual classroom platforms from any device that can connect to the internet. The virtual classroom experience is scheduled for Friday, 2 - 4 PM, eastern time, and operates for 8 weeks.

Training Seminar

The training seminar is an in-person experience, scheduled for 8 AM - 5 PM each day, for the dates identified in the registration links below. Each seminar provides strategies and techniques that are essential for new directors. In each of the three locations, training participants should not schedule travel until they've received their onboarding and welcome letter from the training delivery. 


The Renaissance Way

This idea of the renaissance way is about a pattern of doing things, aligned to a compelling mission, that guides our ideas, thoughts, and behaviors around our work. It postures that positive intentions, coupled with a relentless effort to take each day, give your all, make it your best, and impact the lives of young people from the posture that their life experience was the soil through which a new life experience could spring forth. The renaissance way espouses this magic that suggests that we endeavor to building dreams…


What People are Saying


The Renaissance Way

“You took a very boring topic and presented subject matter in a very engaging format. Keeping attendees informed

and awake!"

“The Training staff was awesome! Knowledgeable, approachable, and high energy; thorough in many explanations during

Q & A”

I have never attended a modularized training before, but I don't know how I will do any other training. I loved being able to take my time, pause when I needed a brain break and time to reflect. Such a great experience - Thank you!

P2 Participant

Pilot Training Seminar 

NOLA 2019

P2 Participant, 

Training Seminar

 Atlanta 2022

P2 Participant,

Modular Training Series

November, 2021

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